Seoul: When Ancient and Modern collides


Seoul: When Ancient and Modern collides

Looking for your next travel destination? How about finding your soul in Seoul? It has been said that Seoul, South Korea is now one of the “it” countries for young

Culture & Tradition

Trazo’s Clan 36th Grand Family Reunion 2016 – La Victoria, Trinidad, Bohol

The month of May is one of the hottest month of the year. This is also the month were most of us are spending our summer vacation. Summer vacation means,

Food & Beverages

Will The Prices for Ham and Bacon increase this Christmas?

Ham and Bacon It is almost December with holidays in our mind and Christmas season is all around. Christmas day is fast approaching and this is the day where each


Watch: Back To The Future Toyota Mirai Commercial

Are you a big movie fan in the 80’s Back to the Future Movie? Mischa Pollack a Huge fan of the movie “Back to the Future” all his life he


Aldub tickets completely sold out in 2 days

Aldub tickets completely sold out in 2 days. This coming Saturday October 24, 2015 will mark as the biggest day to all the Aldub Fans of the Aldub Nation since

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Presidential Candidacy Speech Became a Laughing Stock

Last friday October 16, 2015 which the last day of filing for the COC or certificate of candidacy the Presidential candidacy speech became a laughing stock, it was rumored that

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Senator Antonio Trillanes wants to implement Death Penalty for Drug Lords

If Antonio Trillanes IV will win as vice-president of the Philippines in 2016, the Senator wants to restore the death penalty for the spreading of illegal drugs in the country.