12 Filipino Superstitious beliefs on death

Posted in Culture & Tradition on December 16, 2013
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These convictions may be correct or not, however these make up a remarkable society of how Filipinos practice the entombment of their dead.

  • Feed the bereaved people, however don't walk them in the entryway when they clear out.
  • Don't clear the floor while the figure is even now lying in state or else different passing's in the family might take over.
  • No tears might as well succumb to the dead or the casket as it might make an individual's trip to existence in the wake of death troublesome.
  • When somebody wheezes at the wake, squeeze him.
  • During the wake the dead individual's relatives must not clean up.
  • Food from the wake ought not be carried home in light of the fact that it’s accepted that the dead touches every last bit of it.
  • After a memorial service, visitors ought not go straightforwardly home. Along  these  lines the soul of the dead won't take after them to their house.
  • When doing a casket for entombment, it ought to be conveyed head first as it counteracts the soul of the dead from returning.
  • The carcass ought to be positioned confronting the entryway - the feet ought to be confronting around the entryway so it will permit the soul or withdraw effortlessly.
  • Family members may as well wear dark or white, colors are restricted.
  • The widow, youngsters, and quick relatives are disallowed from convey the casket or else they will come to be sick and cease to exist.
  • While the coffin is en route to the cemetery or the congregation, relatives who liked to stay at home ought not have a sight of the coffin or else somebody in the family would expire.

Such society is at the verge of presence once the more seasoned eras have passed by and the more globalized and westernized era that is more reason than superstitious, assumes control.

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