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Philippine Falls – The Casaroro Falls

In the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental spotted 9.4 kilometers west of Dumaguete City lies the wonderful Casaroro Falls recognized to be the most shot waterfall in the whole Negros

Culture & Tradition

Cariñosa Dance – The Flirty Dance

That flirtatious dance Cariñosa is known during the Pre Spanish Era the entire Philippines. Cariñosa indicates passionate, loving, or even amiable. Having an admirer or even handkerchief, the dancers proceed

Culture & Tradition

The Ati- Atihan Festival in the Philippines

This brand Ati-Atihan means  “make-believe Atis. ” It’s been known because wildest among Philippine fiestas. The Ati-Atihan is really a festival in honor with the Santo Niño. This festival is

Culture & Tradition

Pandanggo Sa Ilaw – Philippine Folk Dance

Pandanggo sa ilaw verifiably intimates the ‘Fandango with the Light’ in English lingo. In addition yes from the name itself, a move that incorporated the control of the lights. This


Tubbatha Reef – The Underwater Adventure

The Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Ocean is a marine asylum secured as the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. It has turned in a standout amongst the most well known

Culture & Tradition

The Masskara- Bacolod City, Philippines

Bacolod City is known for the prominent Masskara Festival which happens here Oct. 1-20. Both outside and nearby guests best opportunities to delight in 20 days of happy making, brewski

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The Makati Shangri-La Hotel

Makati Shangri-la, Manila offers 699 open and perfectly selected visitor suites and rooms   with each holding the  perspectives of Makati’s celebration on internationally streets and the city past. The hotel 

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Intercontinental Manila Hotel

Intercontinental Manila holds the refinement of being the longest working universal chain inn in the nation today. Its focal area in Makati City, the  Philippines’ chief fiscal, business and amusement