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Plant vs Zombies Game Review

Defending against Zombies with plants to prevent them from eating your brains? Well now, you can either plant a sunflower or a plant that shoots? Waging war against the zombie-horde,

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Celebrating Kung Hei Fat Choy 2014 in the Philippines

Commending Kung Hei Fat Choy  in the Philippines dependably calls for a dining experience. With our roads trimmed with blazing parols and twinkling occasion lights, families assemble around supper tables

Culture & Tradition

Bathala is a filipino god

Within Philippine mythology, the highest-ranking lord of the ancient Tagalog folks is actually Bathala, often known as as well as Maykapal as well as Abba. Bathala could be the author

Travel & Recreation

Banaue Rice Terraces – wonderful land made in the philippines

No day in the Philippines could possibly be complete with no seeing your spectacular Banaue Rice Terraces. Carved from the mountain stages about only two, 000 rice without modern tools

Travel & Recreation

Agho Island

The Visayas is frequently associated together with beautiful shorelines. The attractiveness of Boracay, on the other hand, sometimes over-shadow additional similarly gorgeous beaches scattered in the area. Among which are

Food & Beverages

Adobo – a typical filipino food

No set of Filipino food could be complete without having adobo. This preparing style can be applied in order to different meats or maybe seafood. Sample it in a Filipino

Culture & Tradition

Traditional Dating and Courtship in the Philippines

The traditional way of courting any Filipino woman is not to go forth on to start dating?. You have to visit her in the home at night and consult her

Travel & Recreation

The Tinuy-an Falls in the Philippines

Tinuy-an Falls associated with Bislig Location is usually one among Mother Nature’s many breathtaking products towards the Philippines. That majestic 3-tiered waterfall. Around ninety five meters vast along with fityfive