2016: Will Future Hospitals Use Robots in Medical field?

Posted in Health and Fitness on September 30, 2015
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Have you ever seen the movie Big Hero 6? It is a story of an inflatable healthcare companion robot it use of robots in medical field that helps and aids a person who is injured or has signs of medical attention.

Over the last few decades, technology has increased at a fast rate. The affordability and accessibility of modern technology has brought many benefits to our healthcare, including better an advance in scientific research, improved the standard quality of life and with the increase in population in today's world, staff shortages and technical challenges means a need to develop a robotic technology in the delivery and assistance of health care.

An increase in population follows an increased demand of nursing care in nursing homes, there is a need to introduce robots in hospitals. This is a new technology which is expected to help the medical sector in a bigger way. There is an overwhelming population growth which has exceeded the number of nurses throughout the world. The aged in the society are also increasing day by day. Introduction of robots is thought to relieve the nurses the burden of taking care of the old people.

However, these robots must be enough to meet the needs of the elderly population. How effective will the robot be in giving nursing care? Will there be a person mandated to check their progress? Robot-makers must carry out demonstration to ensure that the project will run smoothly as expected.

The nurses and supporting staff also needs to be trained on how to handle the robots. Due to the limited use of robots in medical field, many still have doubts on how it will be. Others will not allow robots to take care of them unless they are critically ill such that they cannot differentiate between the nurse and the robot.

Many robot creating companies are getting into the market with different services that their robot will be offering. These machines should be more–user friendly to avoid chaos in nursing homes in case of a failure in operation or malfunction. The companies will also be required to offer a safety standard for the robotic nurses so that their use in nursing homes can be fully approved.

Any company which will not be in a position to produce these safety standards will not be allowed to supply its nursing care robot nurses in any nursing home. This project is expected to be launched soon once the companies are ready with the manufacturing of the robotic nurses.

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