431 new HIV cases recorded by the DOH

Posted in News & Events on July 30, 2013
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A new case of HIV or human immunodeficiency virus every two hours documented by the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines this year.

Health Assistant Secretary and director of DOH-National Epidemiology Center (NEC), Dr. Eric Tayag reported in his Twitter account that this month of June 2013 they recorded 431 new HIV cases in the country.

Such as these new diseases were 46% higher this year compared with the 295 HIV / AIDS cases recorded DOH similar date of 2012.

According to Tayag, these new cases has climbed to 2,323 the total number of recorded HIV / AIDS cases in 2013 and only 14,025 total recorded from 1984 when the DOH started the regular monitoring of the disease cases in the country.

"# 431 new HIV cases for June. Brings total for 2013 and 2323 and from 1984 and 14 025. This year, there is one new HIV case reported every 2hrs, "Tayag's tweet yet.

Based also on HIV and AIDS Registry of the DOH, it appears that this June 2013 they recorded the highest number of cases recorded over a month.

Most of the new cases or 95% were men and the median age of patients was 27 years.

The 387 cases of these disease were infected via sexual intercourse, 43 were infected because of borrowing or using needles used in injection of illegal drugs by the infected person and one is a mother of a child which infects the AIDS to her baby.

96% or 414 cases of the disease are asymptomatic yet be reported as 4% or 17 of them also has full blown AIDS has been recorded.

Most new HIV cases were recorded in the National Capital Region (38%), followed Region 7 (19%), and Region 4A (13%).

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