A Guide to Baguio City Tourist Spot

Posted in Travel & Recreation on July 21, 2015
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Baguio City Tourist Spot, the City of Pines, has already established itself as the prime tourist destination of the holidays, especially when it’s Christmas season. The mountain city attracts many tourists because of its relatively cooler climate than the rest of the archipelago. People usually go here to escape the hot climate in Manila.

What many doesn’t know, however, is that it is not only tourists who go there to escape the summer heat – the government does, or did so in its early days. Baguio City was planned by the Americans so that the whole government operations would transfer there on summer days. Every April, the entire American government moves here en masse from Manila, and no one ever gets left behind: from the Governor-General to every humble clerk (this was stopped when air-conditioning was invented). This is how the city came to be called the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Even when the practice has stopped, it has continued to be a prime tourist spot in the country, and the city does not have a lack of attractions. At the center of the city is Burnham Park, the old government center. It has a man-made lake in which people could rent a boat for up to five people and enjoy rowing around. There are also bike lanes around, as well as the orchid garden.

Baguio City Hotels
Just around the corner is Session Road, the commercial and business center of the city. This is where most hotels are located, from the small, modest inns to the huge, three-star hotels. It has a lot of night markets and retail stores, as well.

From Session Road, the Leonard Wood Road leads to Wright Park, which is known for its horseback riding rentals. One can ride the ponies at around the park, but the horses could also be taken outside towards South Drive. Wright Park is also the site of the Mansion House, the summer residence of the Philippine President.

Baguio City Elevation.
Mines View Park is one of the most famous attractions in Baguio. It provides tourists a view of an abandoned mining valley. Moreover, the park contains many souvenir shops. People usually go here to buy Baguio City merchandise.

Quite far from the center, but still notable, is Camp John Hay. A former US Army station, it now contains a wide variety of activites, such as a golf course and a former Army recreation club. It also has the American Residence, the summer residence of the United States Ambassador. Just close by is Loakan, the main location of the Philippine Military Academy.

Tourism even exceeds the city limits of Baguio. At Kennon Road, A huge statue of a lion (the Lion’s Head) is enough to stop cars for a photo opportunity. There is also a strawberry field, in nearby La Trinidad, where one can pick up fresh strawberries. The area is also famous for everything strawberry: ice cream, taho, and jams, among others.

Baguio City is accessible via three roads: Kennon Road, Marcos Highway (Ben Palispis Highway), and Naguilian Road. There are bus lines from Cubao, Quezon City (Five Star, Victory Liner) that goes directly to Baguio.

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