Anne Curtis setup Garage Sale for Yolanda Victims

Posted in Showbiz on November 15, 2013
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Showbiz personnel come up with different strategies on how they can raise funds to help those areas affected by super typhoon Yolanda , specially in Tacloban Leyte and the other areas like in Northern Cebu and Mindanao .

It's really very sad to hear heart breaking stories for our fellow filipino who were affected by the Typhoon Yolanda. They don't even have food for days, water, shelter, clothing and electricity.

This is the now time that we filipinos should gather as one, we should to help each and embrace each others arm and for those who cannot help financially, they can also support them spiritually through the means of our prayers.

Anne Curtis come up having a garage sale outside her house and sold out herĀ  used clothing and equipments. She said that she feltĀ  extremely sorry when she saw reports on TV of fellow filipinos suffering from the disaster. Anne was able to raise an amount total to 370,000 pesos, she then sends this donation directly to the Yolanda Typhoon victims.

Many showbiz personnel are coming up any ideas and ways to help, no matter how little help they can bring as long as it can still support those who were victims of the calamities. Like Charice Pempengco had a concert to raise funds to gave it to the Yolanda survivors. Dingdong Dantes was also busy in his foundation to gather sufficient amounts of money for donations.

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