The Ati- Atihan Festival in the Philippines

Posted in Culture & Tradition on December 29, 2013
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This brand Ati-Atihan means  "make-believe Atis. " It's been known because wildest among Philippine fiestas. The Ati-Atihan is really a festival in honor with the Santo Niño.

This festival is kept within the 3rd week connected with January each year within the second on the following Epiphany throughout Kalibo within the Aklan province within the isle connected with Panay. This dance within the tempos in the percussion makes this specific festival much like the Mardi Gras get together throughout Rio throughout South America.

This informality in the festival is why is it therefore excellent as well as enables everyone to be able to play a part, dance, conquer using a drum or just get pics while in the center of the tribal groups. This group contains many age brackets : another fantastic part of your festival. One of the most innovative fancy dress outfit distinctive to the tribal styles are shown simply by a few of the nearby gays. This festival consists of just about every nearby party throughout Aklan having an exclusive tribal traditions, different civic or commercial organizations as well as people who generate brand-new fancy dress outfits each year.

The true secret activity in the festival as well as one of the primary factors tourists obtains of the aisle would be the ancient dance competitive events pitched to be able to rhythmic as well as exciting drum beats in which run nonstop for a number of days. Opponents rehearsed intended for several weeks prior to the festival as well as dress yourself in really vibrant fancy dress outfits, donning face masks as well as headdresses, as well as fresh paint their health with black lung burning ash to turn way up such as ancient Ati. Bouncing troupes, many numbering 40 or 50 children or youngsters, dance intended for nearby status as well as cash incentives.

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