Bañamos festival 2015

Posted in Culture & Tradition on July 29, 2015
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History of Banamos Festival - The Bañamos Festival is a week long festivity in Los Baños, Laguna. It is held on the week of September 15, the founding date of the town (in 1615), as well as the reason of the festivities. On the foundation date itself, dubbed ‘Los Baños Day’, there are no classes as well as work for many offices in the town, as it is a day reserved for festivities. This article describes selected events in the different years of this festivity.

Schedule of Bañamos Festival - The festival itself does not have a regular activity schedule. Every year, there is a theme to be followed and the activities are in line with the theme. One notable theme was in 2011, when the festivities were to celebrate Los Baños’s famed hot springs, which were noted to cure illnesses, since the Spanish times.

Some of the activities include an exhibit of the town’s local products, including the buko pie, an original foodstuff from the town itself. The exhibits also contain delicacies, health products, and other organic products as well as government policies concerning environment.

In 2011, there were also ritual public baths during the celebration, as well as the elejer, spiritual dances on the main thoroughfares. This was done in thanks to the Nuestra Señora de Aguas Santas, the town’s patroness.

There are also other events, such as fun runs, street dances, a national dance competition called called Bailamos, bike marathons, hot springs exhibits, town sale, beauty pageants, fireworks displays, and many other activities. There have also been science exhibits as well, led by the University of the Philippines Los Baños and other members of the Los Baños Science Community.

The festivity has been a young one: It officially started at around 2001. It invites the whole community of Los Baños to participate and celebrate its more than 450 years of existence as well as its being on the forefront of academics, sciences, and research.

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