Batanes is the Land Far North

Posted in Travel & Recreation on May 12, 2014
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Batanes group of islands, which is located almost on the northernmost part of the Philippines, is the least visited province in the country. This is because there are only limited means of transportation to get there. The most affordable and easiest way to travel to Batanes is by airplane from Manila.

Batanes, being an isolated province, hasn’t been reached by technology that much. Actually, it’s not a bad thing because the area’s natural resources and beautiful landscape hasn’t been touched. There are also a small population of people living in this part of the globe. This means that the natural beauty of the region has not yet been polluted which makes it a good place to be. If you love nature trips more than anything else and you want to explore a whole new region then this is the place to be.

A calming vibe and a relaxing tune can be experienced immediately once you’ve gotten off the airport of Basco, Batanes. It looks like you’ve time travelled to a place where the complications of technology still doesn’t exists. Though this island might look small, there are still tons of places you can go to and visit here.

The Nakabuang Beach is a one of a kind water and sand place. What makes it differ from other beaches in the country is the presence of remarkable rock formations found in the vicinity of the beach. These rock formations are naturally made through the constant whipping of the waves to these rocks. This beach also is the best area where you can enjoy the cool and vibrant waters of Batanes. The sand is of pinkish and whitish colour which contributes to the beauty of the beach. Another thing is that you can enjoy beautiful scenery of the sea in this part of the island.

The food in this place is mouth-watering. If you’re in to seafood then you must try their delectable seafood dishes wherein the ingredients that they use are all freshly caught. The best thing about it is that you can eat it while in the beach.

The sand, the water, and the food are the perfect combination for an awesome water tripping and nature hopping. Batanes is one of the places in the Philippines that you must visit because you wouldn’t see such beauty and serenity in other places in the world.

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