Best places to visit in the philippines

Posted in Travel & Recreation on September 2, 2013
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Philippine is a country who is blessed with seafood, decent people and natural beauty. If you are thinking to give a trip to the Philippines, you have to consider the weather otherwise you will be in trouble. For being a tropical country, the Philippines has three distinctive seasons, which is categorized as rainy or dry and hot or cool . The season is generally Rainy, dry and cold, the rainy season from May to October dry is from April to November , cold season is November to January.

Though the average temperature of phillipine is 25degrees Celsius  with having a relative humidity approximately 78%, In the cold season a diverse situation is experienced because of its geographical situation  . So you might need to bring  warm clothes with you.

Another great  consideration is natural disaster typhoons. Though  the typhoon season is normally from  July to October, but it was evident, that the typhoons can occur at any time. They  often likely  occur from January to April. So try to avoid  the time july to october.
Most of the foreigners chose December to May because at this time it might occur any disaster. However , the season can’t remain stable for all the time because this is it’s nature after all . The Philippine is really a country of wonder because sometime the season of one region to another region often very . However , for the eastern part of the Philippines (Eastern Mindanao, Southern Leyte, Eastern Samar and Southeast Luzon), the seasons are usually reversed. And for rest of part of this country the weather is relatively modest.

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