Philippine music

Posted in Music on December 9, 2013
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Exactly when you understand you are worn and tired and nothing appears to calm your dreary personality, listening to Philippine music may spare your day and makes it fine. Music as we know, can motivate, illuminate or even lighten up an overwhelming soul or an old heart - so don't be down, only turn on Read More »

Vibrant nightlife in Manila

Posted in Music on October 12, 2013
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Manila includes a variety of fantastic bars sculptures when night spots in metropolitan Western cities. You'll be able to realize everything from fashionable 5-star restaurants to dive to major concerts. And for people who need to do their luck, it’s nice to grasp that Manila has no shortage of casinos and higher areas. For entry into these gambling dens, you would like to be a minimum of twenty one years recent, turn out your passport, associate degrees pay an entry fee. The Manila night life Read More »

UrbanDub a Filipino Local Rock Band

Posted in Music on August 8, 2013
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UrbanDub in Cebu

I’m an UrbanDub fan! What can I say? Mainly this article isn’t about the band’s progression or anything other than my personal views. Considering also if you would search the web for their accomplishments, compositions and in depth details about the band, this article is kind of a worthless comparing to those sites. And in Read More »