Seoul: When Ancient and Modern collides

Posted in Culture & Tradition, Food & Beverages, Other, Travel, Travel & Recreation on March 22, 2018
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Looking for your next travel destination? How about finding your soul in Seoul? It has been said that Seoul, South Korea is now one of the "it" countries for young millennial travellers like me. The place has its unique way of blending ancient history and modern structure that somehow I was left wondering how they Read More »

How can I insert a picture in my Article Post ?

Posted in Other on June 6, 2013

To insert a picture or photo in your article post. Please refer to the instructions below. 1.) Click on the button. 2.) Click on "Upload Files" and then click on "SELECT" and browse for the file or picture you wish to insert in your post. 3.) Once you uploaded the picture, click on "Insert into Read More »

How do I create or add and publish my Article?

Posted in Other on June 6, 2013
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To create a new article and publish it, please refer to the instructions below for more information 1.) Login to your Account 2.) Once you login, you will go to your account dashboard 3.) Click on the link that says "Post" and then click on "Add New" button 4.) You can then type in your Read More »

How do I login to my Account in PhilippineBlog.com?

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To login to your philippineblog.com account, please follow the instructions below. 1.) Go to or type in to your browser: www.philippineblog.com/wp-admin 2.) You will then go to the login page 3.) Enter your Username and Password to login to your account. 4.) Once you enter the username and password, you will then go to your Read More »