Caves in the Philippines - Discover the Adventure

Posted in Travel & Recreation on May 31, 2014
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The Philippines is much known for the white sand beaches and the diverse species of animals that live around, but it also offers culture. There is nothing like the feeling of understanding the mindset of those who have lived before you. Spelunking your way through Sagada. The town is known for the famous hanging coffins that have been left by those before the era of colonization in the Philippines. It doesn’t just show you their death but how they lived. You can take a closer look at these coffins in Lumiang cave. In foraging these caves, remember to have a guide with you as it might be dangerous for one to go about it alone, at least for the first few times.

Sagada is also the residency of one of the deepest caves in the Philippines. The Sumaguing cave is more than just learning how to repel and not slide on slippery stones. It also shows you the imagination of the people who explored the area and how colorful their minds work. The people of Sagada will also let you walk on their rice terraces and maybe you can imagine their lifestyle. Just think, they work day and night for the food we eat daily and yet live in these simple homes. Another cool attraction is the Echo Valley, where shouting your name isn’t the only activity. Echo valley also offers rock-climbing to those who are interested. Bike around the town and visit the famous Yoghurt and Lemon Pie houses while it is day. During the night on the other hand, get to experience dapay, just drinking around the bonfire. If you’re one to play with fire, visit Sagada during the first of November and experience Panag-apoy. Instead of lighting candles for the dead, they light extremely flammable pine wood in front of the graves of their loved ones.

These are just a few things you can do in Sagada and to get there you will have to take a either bus ride to Baguio and a cab ride then another bus ride to Sagada, a bus ride to Bontoc then a jeepney to Sagada or a bus ride to Banaue, then a jeep ride to Bontoc then to Sagada. And the place to stay is Residential Lodge, where the aura is amiable, convenient and peaceful. If you can’t get a reservation, try George Guesthouse and Travelers Inn.

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