Cebu City Food Tripping

Posted in Food & Beverages, Travel & Recreation on July 10, 2013
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cebuano food

It’s hard to get hungry in Cebu. At every corner, there is a place to eat. Bakeries, street food stands, restaurants, carenderia s, fast foods, fruit stands just take your pick. And since there is so much to talk about food especially in Cebu, then this deserves more than just one blog post.

Let us start with my personal favorite. The street food. This is the best thing about Cebu for it not only offers the typical street food such as fishballs, kwekkwek, tempura and the like but here there are siomai, barbecues, fried chicken, pungkopungko, and even soup[fish tinola-like soup]. And what's great about this is that for a person who's hungry but can't spend that much, Cebu street food gives you the satisfaction of a hearty meal!

Where else can you find siomai served with hanging rice and chili sauce. In Cebu. Who knew this could be a perfect combination. For only 6 pesos apiece, it’s so easy to get full even in a tight budget. In Tisa, Cebu there lays a strip of siomaian where when it starts to get dark, chairs and tables are positioned along the road ready to serve customers. The famous siomai sa Tisa started here, and due to public demand, you don't really need to go to Tisa anymore to savor this dimsum turned street food, it's now almost everywhere. But still better go to Tisa for the complete dining experience.

Barbecue in Cebu has its famous spot in Larsians. Located near Fuente Osmena, one comes here for the city grilled food experience. Serving a variety of grilled foods, may it be pork belly, the usual pork on sticks, pork fat on sticks, chicken, chicken skin, fish, squid, just choose from the displayed uncooked meat and ask the cook of the stall to have it grilled.  One doesn't come out of this place unhappy in the belly.

Then there is the pungkopungko. People sit around a very low table [diners seem to be in a pungko position], and get their fried food from a basket. Still paired with hanging rice and spicy vinegar that is mixed with onions, garlic and kalamansi. I don't know how they do it but my dining experience in college with pungkopungko was always magic with the vinegar they have. The food you get from the basket are ngohiong, chicharong bulaklak/ginabot(pork intestines), lumpia, pork tongue, meatballs, and longganisa. Ngohiong was my favorite in college and still is because it doesn't cost that much and satisfies my hungry tummy. Diners use plastic to wrap their hands while they get their food and when they eat. One can find pungkopungko almost everywhere here in the city where there are schools, even churches, or wherever there is a busy area.

There are still a lot of food one can find by just going around the streets of Cebu city. There are even those who only put up their stalls at night time, after working hours when people are sure to come out and look for something to eat. This kind of dining may not be your usual routine but having it does complete your gastronomic experience in the city.