Cultures and Traditions in the Philippines

Posted in Culture & Tradition on November 1, 2013
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Philippines is a country that is rich in culture and traditions. Today there are 70 different groups of people has made their home on this island. Each group speaks their own language and practice their own custom. The culture of the Philippine combines all these custom, art,style of music and language. It is an island with different culture around the world. Before becoming the independent nation she was ruled by Spain and America.So their culture has become a part of Filipino. The maria Clara suite is a special type of dancing that is very popular in this country , Filipino has added their own touches to these dances, using bamboo castanets and bamboo fan called abanicos.

Most Filipinos hold strong belief religious belief. They regularly take part in their religious ceremony. The majority Filipino follows chistanism   and Islam is in second position and others are animist. There are no conflicts among  them. Trades and missionaries and china introduced Islam in 1200s. They all take part in their religious event with great felicity. Animist also belief that the people, animals, plants and other objects have spread. When they are sleeping or become ill the spirit just leave from their body.

Long before the chestnut and Islam arriving these people were animist who does the belief existence of gods and spirits. They perform different types of ceremony to keep these gods and spirit happy. Another group called ifugaos lived in northern Iceland .All gods are known by their priest by the name. Sometime more 15 priests are needed to perform a ceremony. Their main job satisfies this spirit by offering food and drink .

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