Donaire vs Darchinyan Rematch - November 10 2013

Posted in News & Events on November 9, 2013
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November 10, 2013, like any other boxers today especially those boxers who just fought their opponent once, then they always hope to see another rematch immediately, especially the one that loses the fight.

Nonito Donaire who first fought Vic Darchinyan in 2007, in which the so-called 'The Filipino Flash' stole the title of the Armenian-born fighter who at that time was still undefeated- with a 5th round TKO in their battle performed in Connecticut, USA .

Since then, Darchinyan always hoped for a rematch with Donaire.
But, ever since that day we still haven't seen nor heard any rematch of the two and we haven't heard much Darchinyan not until his return last year when he was able to registered another win despite that he was already 37- years old.

And if the 31 -year-old Donaire was not defeated by Guillermo Rigondeaux in April, probably we there be will be no rematch that would happen to between the two.

That is why today's rematch with Donaire ( Manila time) in Corpus Christi, Texas is what Vic Darchinyan call it as ' Redemption ' fight.

And as for Donaire , he wants prove it to the people that this rematch was not just pure luck like what the first contraversal win with Darchinyan and this rematch is one way to elevate his status and recover his defeat last April.

In official weigh -in yesterday, Donaire weighed 125.25 pounds , while 125.75 lbs on Darchinyan.

One thing would be noticeable in event, is the returning coach and corner ring man which is Nonito's Father, Mang Dodong , who was the trainer in 2007 when he beat Darchinyan.

Meanwhile, the live view of event will be aired on ABS-CBN starting at 11:00 AM today.

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