Facts About Alcohol and Nutrition

Posted in Food & Beverages on September 19, 2015
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In this Articles about Alcohol and Nutrition, we will talk about Alcohol is a depressant drug which produces a feeling of euphoria, excitement or elation when taken, it promotes the storage or accumulation of fat under the stomach leading to a beer belly effect .

Beer is not highly recommended in nutritional diet because it provides the body with empty calories displacing other nutrients in the diet. These leads to nutrient deficiency interfering with both nutrient intake and nutrient utilization, for example excess foliage is released from the liver into the blood and excreted into the kidneys. Only 10% of beer is excreted through the urine and breath with the other 90% being left in the body system.

Effects of alcohol on health

When alcohol is taken it leads to impaired judgment since it sedates the frontal lobe leading to poor brain concentration. This is followed by the speech and the vision centers of the brain, effect on the large muscles of the cells causing staggering and conscious brain subdue leading to passing out .More acute effects may follow with an increased concentration of alcohol, anesthetizing the brain center for breathing and heartbeat.

Alcohol is deeply associated with fatty liver and this affects greatly the nutrient and oxygen distribution to the liver cells causing Fibrosis. It also causes liver cirrhosis which hardens the liver turning it orange and finally death losing its functionality. Alcohol has also long term effects causing type 2 diabetes and malnutrition . It is also associated with ulcers and inflammation of the stomach and intestines .It increases the acidity by promotion of excessive acid secretion.

It is also a major cause of cancer due to the availability of carcinogens e.g. urethane that is formed during the beer manufacture and it is a potential harmful carcinogen. Alcohol leads to impaired immune system and damage to the pancreas and prostate glands.

The treatment of alcohol should involve nutritional therapy to reverse deficiencies. Apart from health deterioration it is more expensive to cope with due to the risks and dangers involved.

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