Filipino Characteristics

Posted in Culture & Tradition on June 14, 2014
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Filipino Characteristics .The Filipino people are one of a kind. The little brown man as the other nationalities would say has a characteristic that separates them from other nations. It is their genuine hearts and passion and love for their country. A love and compassion that nothing even great storms can destroy. We already knew how Filipinos are through the news and other social media. We know that they are strong and got a high will power to survive different tragedies. But have you ever thought what is it that makes them that strong?

Filipinos has great respect towards each other especially to the elderly. They treat them with utmost respect that whenever they visit their grandparents, they make sure to make this kind of gesture called pagmamano as a form of greeting them. Pagmamano or mano is a Filipino tradition wherein a person gets the hand of the elderly and brings it towards their forehead. They also use po and opo as a term of respect whenever they talk to people older than them.

During those times of tragedy are those times where the bonds between the Filipinos get stronger. It is the time where they do whatever they can to help their brothers and sisters who are in need. They sacrifice something from themselves just to be able to reach and extend help for the victims of different tragedies. The Philippines lies in the ring of fire which makes it prone to different natural disasters but that doesn’t stop this strong willed people.

Filipinos are considered to be one of the most religious people in the world. They even have several feast days for several patron saints and value the worship day. This may be one of the reasons why they don’t easily give up to their problems no matter how hard it can be. With God by their side, they know that they can make it through the rain.

The Philippines is also known to harbour the happiest and jolliest people on Earth. They laugh on everything that happens to them, whether it is a tragedy or a major family problem. They don’t let the sadness overcome them. They get the utmost strength they need from their smiles and laughter. It’s their own sign or way to tell them that they can do and solve everything that they encounter.

There are more to it than these characteristics and all. Don’t let their small size and colour fool you. Remember that beneath their physical appearance is a powerful and disciplined human being greater than anyone else.

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