Filipino made Chocolate Cookies

Posted in Food & Beverages on July 8, 2014
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Many people love chocolate, and there is good reason for it! Eating chocolate has actually been shown to increase the brains production of a chemical which increases happiness.

So why not take chocolate and use it in a cookie?

Chocolate cookies are probably exactly what you think they are. If you take the dough used to make a sugar cookie and apply either a cocoa powder or any other chocolate mixture to the dough the you will end up with a sweet chocolate treat.

They vary in texture, either being completely moist. Or holding a little bit of crunch on the edges. Either way they taste great and are more than delicious either way preferred.

The taste is often sweet and buttery with a chocolate finish. Or even incredibly chocolaty depending on the consumers preference. It all depends on how much cocoa is added while it is dough.

This form of cookie is great for many occasions, but it is perhaps most appropriate with a tall glass of cold milk or even a glass of eggnog if the time of the year calls for it. The chocolate cookie leaves a bit of chocolate taste in the milk and greatly increases the taste.

Chocolate cookies make an excellent gift for those who love chocolate or to those who just need a quick boost in their mood. Either way, you can not go wrong with a basket of delicious, chocolate cookies to share with your family, friends, or even that special someone in your life.

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