Filipino style: Buko Pie Recipe Original

Posted in Food & Beverages on July 4, 2015
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When you say “Laguna”, particularly “Los Baños”, to your friends this means the best Buko Pie Recipe Original is the word and chances are they would always ask you to bring home a buko pie when you get home. That buko pie has already become one of the many things that come into mind when the town’s name is mentioned, but what exactly is a buko pie?

Buko Pie Recipe Filipino
To define it, it is a custard pie with slices of young coconut (buko) inside. Simply put, it is a pie that, like any other pies, are filled with some sweet, dessert-like mixture. Buko pie is one of the examples of foods that are indigenized and modified according to local circumstances, since common fillings for pies (apples, peaches) are either not native in the country or are not readily available.

The pie is usually served as dessert, although it could serve as snacks. Its sweet, soft texture has been so inviting to whoever sees it.

Buko pie recipe Laguna
The buko pie began in Los Baños with the Pahud family. Local history dictates that one of the members of the Pahud Family worked in the United States, learning how to make apple pies during her stay there. They then tried to start a business – a bakeshop.

History of Buko Pie
However, the lack of apple pies suggested a need to use locally available products. Eventually, coconuts were used, since they are abundant throughout Laguna as well as the entire region. Thus, buko pie was born.

In Los Baños, the most famous buko pie bakeshop is the Orient Buko Pie and Bakeshop. Dubbed “the original”, it is the bakery started and still owned by the Pahud family – therefore, the birthplace of the buko pie itself. It is not uncommon for the bakeshop to have long lines awaiting it on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Colette's Buko Pie
Other buko pie shops in Los Baños are Lety’s Buko Pie, known for its sweet flavor, located near the University of the Philippines. Another one is Colette’s which is known for having many branches across Laguna. Some others still sell directly to cars on the street.

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