Filipino Traditional Foods

Posted in Food & Beverages on November 7, 2013
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Filipino’s traditional foods
reveal their depth knowledge in cookery and gastronomy.There are several types of traditional foods which deals with Filipinos skill on cooking. Most of Filipino dish are very delicious,but these are not very famous world wide because of their geographical position beside Thai and Vietnamese. Yet she is blessed with  plenty of seafood, tropical fruits and unique cooks, there’s additional to Filipino cooking , the mind-boggling ballot. Adobo,shadow ,barbeque ,bopis these are their main dishes , all of these are meat dishes ,contain either pork or chicken with fresh vegetable.The  smell and apperence of these food are so  attractive that any one can have their dinner satisfactiorily.
As phillipine is bleased with seafood by mother earth ,several types of seafood items such as kinunot,halabos na hipon are also included as their main course. Paella, Champorado is rice dishes which are usually served with seafood .If you are a  vegetarian ,you might be wondering, What will I eat if I go visit the Philippines? You need not worry about that there are also so many foods for vegetarians as well.  Pinakbet, Kinilnat, Ginisang monggo are foods for vegetarian. Banana cue, Barquillos, Belekoy are their traditional sweet item.
Buko juice is available when you feel thirsty . All the fruits in the Philippines are simply delious, you can see them all over the place fresh and cheap: pineapples,  mangoes, durians  papayas and so much more.  you'll discover approximately any kind of food, from Thai-Food to Sushi, Indian foodstuff, Pizza and Pasta, Burger, German Bakeries, and you will discover those foods and delicacies everywhere in phillipine.