The Foundation that Protects the Cagayan River

Posted in Travel & Recreation on November 8, 2014
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One of the rivers in the northern part of Mindanao is the Cagayan De Oro River. Its headwaters are from the central part of the province of Bukidnon and is commonly seen on the main highway of the city. It is a very popular site for Cagayan De Oro’s whitewater rafting. It is the main tourist attraction of the city and is well promoted by the Department of Tourism.

However, over the years, the river has seen a lot of drastic changes. As the population of the city grew, water pollution affecting the Cagayan De Oro river is also increasing. For almost two decades now, Safer River Life Saver Foundation has been the aid of protecting Cagayan De Oro river. Their aim is to sustain the ecological balance and recognizing the need for a clean river, not only because it is the city’s main tourist attraction but also for the benefit of the locals.

Along with the growing industry of a highly urbanized city, is the significant increase of waste disposal polluting the river. Since then, the foundation, along with the Liceo De Cagayan University, organized activities to help break the increasing amount of pollution. Several cleanup drives are being done every year, as well as Mangrove tree planting and the daily river monitoring.

Safer River Life Saver Foundation supports 17 river barangays in Cagayan De Oro City, and is committed to help the residents in providing livelihood and help protect the river as well. The foundation aims to have another tourist attraction, which will be a River Tour, however, plans are still rolling since it will be too difficult to facilitate river tours when the need to control of pollution is still on the rise.

Until today, the foundation is still active in protecting the main river of Cagayan De Oro City.

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