The Hanging Coffins of Sagada

Posted in Travel & Recreation on June 23, 2014
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We are all familiar with the burying of the dead through digging up a 6-feet hole in the ground that has a Hanging Coffins of Sagada. But have you heard or are you familiar with the hanging coffins? There is this small minority group in the Philippines that does this ritual to their departed loved ones. It’s actually one of the tourists’ attractions in Mountain Province which you shouldn’t miss.

Sagada is located in the province of Mountain Province. Since Sagada is situated on a valley, the weather there is cold and very appealing to the body especially when the summer season is approaching. It is also where the famous hanging coffins can be found. The people there do such burial ritual because they believe that by hanging the bodies of their loved ones on the cliff will bring them closer to heaven. Though it is an ancient way of burying the dead and newer ways has been introduced to the people, this kind of custom is still done up to today by minority groups in that region.

Anthropologists are in awe on how these people are able to maintain their culture yet still get by with the modern trends and lifestyle. They remain faithful to what their ancestors had thought them. It remains a mystery on how they have still coped up with the traditions of their forerunners. Aside from the hanging coffins, they also keep their deceased family member in caves situated in various faces of the mountains around them. The coffins used are made and crafted by the Igorot people living there.

As a tourist, Sagada is a great and unique place to be at. You will learn more about the ancient Filipinos just by going there. It will leave you in wonders and amazement once you’ve seen these hanging coffins of Sagada.

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