International Folklore Festival 2015 Held in Koronadal City

Posted in Culture & Tradition, News & Events on July 28, 2015
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Photo from DFA

Photo from DFA

International Folklore Festival 2015 where hundreds of performers from 12 countries fly to Koronadal City to participate in the International Folklore Festival ever first to be held in the Philippines from August 9-18, 2015.

Besides the Philippines, the countries involved are Armenia, Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Four groups for re-represent the Philippines including Philippine Dance Troupe UP, PNU Sparkle Art, Barangay Folk Dance Group and ECD Dance Company of the Philippines. Moreover,it also demonstrate the Koronadal from Hinugyaw Cultural Dance Troupe consisting of B'laans, which was stated in the history that they were the first settlers in Koronadal island.

In a statement of Koronadal City Mayor Peter Miguel, he said in a press conference recently at the Cultural Center of the Philippines that the already began the preparation in October last year.

"I'm nervous," was a straightforward answer to the question of Mayor Michael when asked what he feels on the upcoming occasion. When he was asked for a statement on what to be expected here, He said that "In ten days, it would be fun, colorful and full of cultural knowledge activity."

The main goal and aim of the activity is to show and share to the whole world the diversity of Philippine cultures and traditions through dancing and singing on each participants. Also'll mix of lecture-demo on each performers.

On August 10, there will be a street dancing with all participants as part of the grand opening. It would also give us the chance to see other cutlural dances together woth outher countries, then it will be given three minutes each group to shine in front of a crowd. And before the day ends, there will be an expected fireworks display.

Mayor Miguel stated that it will be possibly to make the activity every two years since besides busy planning and distribution of invitations it will also give time for the participants a long time for preparation.

The celebration will be held near the "danger zone" area but Mayor Michael assured that they will make sure to have a tight security on the area. Approximately 4,000 uniformed men and women will be assigned to guard during the 10-day festival.

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