Jessica Nicole Martinez baby daughter with Patrick Garcia

Posted in Showbiz on July 13, 2013
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Jessica Nicole Martinez and Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia share his busy story with Chelsea, his three-month old baby girl. He said he can hardly get away from home because he is too busy attending and taking care of his daughter.

Chelsea is daughter of Patrick with his non-showbiz live-in partner Jessica Nicole Martinez. Since the time when Jessica was pregnant and the time she is giving birth, Patrick is always in her side. He said he felt so much responsible being the father, something he had never experienced in his first born Jazz (referring to his five-year-old son with Jennylyn Mercado).
"Everything is really different with Chelsea. `It's like I feel I'm actually being a good father to the child.
"It's actually a good feeling , "Patrick said when he was interviewed during his promotion on the teleserye "Annaliza".
Although Patrick has already two children, the actor still looks young compared to any other actors.

Sharing the obligation

"The support is still not divided. The support is still the same with Jazz (his son with Jennylyn Mercado) and baby Chelsea. But as of now, I'm a hands on dad and I have more time given to my new daughter than Jazz. I still haven't seen Jazz lately and hopefully one of these days I also can give my time and have an opportunity to be with him, " said the 31 year old return actor.
Patrick wants to avoid discussions on their issue with Jazz and Jennifer.
On the other hand, Patrick admitted that they have plans for marriage (with his non showbiz girl friend Jessica).
"We do not know when. But have we have plans. But for now, we prepare for the baptism of Chelsea, "says Patrick.

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