Kalesa in Iligan Philippines

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Kalesa in Iligan Philippines. Have you ever seen, or even ride on a Kalesa in Iligan Philippines? Back when there were less motor vehicles that roam the streets in the Philippines, Kalesa or Horse Driven Carriages are the top choices of transportation. During the Philippines’ Spanish Era, Kalesas were ridden by socialites and other high rank officials in the country. In today’s modern times, the trend in riding these carriages seems to extinct.

Kalesa in English
or Tartanilyas
were introduced by the Spaniards in thr 18th Century. It was used as one of the modes of transportation, but only to the nobles since it was deemed luxurious back then. It was not only used for personal transportation, but for transportation of goods as well. Later in that Era, Kalesas became common in the country.

Today, Kalesas are noticeable in the corners of Manila, like in Intramuros and Binondo, some parts of Cebu City, Vigan and Iligan City. Here in Mindanao, the only city that still utilizes Kalesas for public transportation is Iligan City.

Situated in Region X in Northern Mindanao, officials in Iligan City are doing its best to preserve one of the Spanish heritage in the country. Although it’s not seen on the City’s main road, it is still accessible on a designated route, Badellles Street down to Tambacan Road. For only PHP 20.00, you can have an exclusive ride of Kalesa and experience walking through time, exploring Philippines’ past and connect with the Philippine ancestry.

Kalesa Photo
Riding on a Kalesa is really different compared to jeepneys. The sound of the horse’s hoofs as it runs towards your destination is like music to the ears as you get to enjoy the view and savor fresh non-polluted air.

This year, the local officials held a contest, showcasing the best artwork not on a canvass but on a kalesa. 20 kalesas pimped their ride as they paraded downtown last June 17th. In order to promote kalesas to the locals, and tourists alike, the contest will be held yearly.

If you get to visit Iligan City, don’t dare to miss this one of a kind opportunity.