Lawmakers Appeal to suspend VAT in the Philippines

Posted in News & Events on November 13, 2013
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Some lawmakers appeal to the Congress and to the Executives to temporarily suspend the tax on the oil and some other basic commodities following the disaster of the typhoon Yolanda.

After a continuous disaster that arises in the country, Gabriela Partylist Rep.  Emmie de Jesus try to convince the philippine government to remove the Value Added Tax on oil and other basic commodities in the country.

de Jesus explained that it would be a big help to millions of Filipinos to rise from their feet especially for those  that are affected on the typhpoons and other disasters.

He also said that the enormous economic shock caused by continuous disasters that nearly paralyzed many areas of the country and become ever more burdensome if the people continue to bear the high prices of commodities.

" We want the VAT suspension to be nationwide , because eventually , the economic shocks will drag the entire country into a slowdown and the crisis will affect not only the people in the Visayas but the poor population in the entire country . To Prevent this, the Aquino Government Should provide this relief to all Filipinos who in turn can help the people in Mindanao recover as well , " said De Jesus .

The Congressman believes that even price freeze was implemented because of the declaration on the state of calamity in the country, the price for oil and other commodities are still high due to VAT.

But if this will be implemented, it should also be implemented in the whole country and not just limited in the Visayas region.