The Legend of Tinago Falls - Iligan, Philippines

Posted in Travel & Recreation on November 6, 2014
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The Philippines has many things to offer. From its famous tourist spots, 5-star resorts, sumptuous dishes, and even better views Mother Nature can provide. In Mindanao, one city is famously known for their numerous waterfalls.

Iligan City is blessed with the Mother Nature’s gift of breathtaking waterfalls. Situated in Region X in Mindanao, the city itself is called The City of Majestic Waterfalls. There are about 23 discovered waterfalls in the City and there are still more waterfalls to discover. Some are good too-hidden in the forests, making it hard for the officials to reach. Each waterfall is enriched with a different aura whenever you visit them.

One of the 23 waterfalls is Tinago Falls. The term “Tinago” means hidden, describing the waterfalls being hidden in a deep gully. Attracting many tourists every year, the said waterfall is accessible through a 300-step staircase which adds the rush of adventure. Located in Barangay Ditucalan, the mystical vibe of the waterfalls will surely charm your nature loving spirit. Under the enchanting waterfalls Is a small cave where visitors can enter and chill to the sound of the cool, rumbling waters.

Behind the beauty of this mystical waterfall is a folklore that tells the tale of how Tinago Falls came to be. Legend has it that there was a powerful and dominant leader, together with his lovely wife, anointed as rulers. However, they became too proud of themselves and became the worst rulers of their kingdom. An enchantress disguised herself as a beggar, tested the pregnant wife of the leader. The wife took no mercy towards the beggar and banished her away from the kingdom. The beggar reveals herself as the mighty Enchantress and punished them. She placed a curse, that their child will be the ugliest in the kingdom.

It turns out that the curse was real as the Queen gave birth to an ugly child. They hid the baby in a cave to avoid embarrassment and named her “Tin-Ag” which means “hidden face”. When the child grew up, she came across the same enchantress who cursed her parents, and made an offer to transform her into something so beautiful. She agreed and accepted the offer and became the mystic Tinago Falls. Until today, the locals still believed that there is something mystical about Tinago, and that could be Tin-Ag.

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