Lingayen Pangasinan Beach Resorts Tourist Attraction

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Lingayen Pangasinan Beach Resorts
is one of the tourist attractions in Northern Luzon. Pangasinan is also considered a gateway to the Ilocos Region. Being the first province of the region from Manila, it has a mix of different traditions and cultures aside from the dominant Ilocano region. Though not really a famous tourist destination, the province itself is full of attractions. Some are yet to be developed, while some are well-known.

The Manaoag Church, for example, has been known to many of its devotees around the country. The minor basilica is known for having an image of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Manaoag) which is believed to have healing properties. Many people come to the church for pilgrimage.

Lingayen Gulf
Perhaps the most famous attraction in the province is the Hundred Islands, a small chain of islets in Lingayen Gulf. There are commercial resorts in the area, especially in three of its islands. However, most of the islands are left intact and undeveloped. There is a ferry service that brings people around the mini-archipelago.

The white-sand beaches of Bolinao are also famous to the average vacation-goer. The beaches are wild, albeit with small resorts. The waves are strong and the wind is blowing really hard as well. There are resorts, hotels, as well as larger developments located just along the shore. Another beachhead is San Fabian, home to various resorts as well.

Tupig Cake Delicacies

The province is famous for its food, as well. Travelers could find Tupig, a cake-like delicacy made from coconut, just along the roads. Puto from Calasiao is also a hit, as well as mangoes in the province. One could also find high-quality seafood, particularly milkfish, in the city of Dagupan, which even holds a festival celebrating the city’s abundance of the fish. The province also cooks authentic Ilocano food, such as igado, papaitan, and many other native Ilocano dishes.

Pangasinan is served by buses going to Baguio City. Bolinao has its own separate route from Cubao.