The Maglalatik folk dance

Posted in Culture & Tradition on January 17, 2014
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The message hails from the foundation word ‘latik, ’ which inside Tagalog signifies deep-fried coconut dairy curd, or even the scrumptious, fragrant and also healthy is still through the huge pot wherever coconut dairy continues to be simmered down virtually vacant soon after continued stirring for a lot of several hours to finally acquire coconut fat. The procedure involving discovering latik can be natural working hard and also time-consuming, even so the curd is utilized to create an indigenous candy glimpse useful and also preference far better.

Therefore, this has motivated choreographers through the days of the past from the Philippines to get some sort of dance type called ‘Maglalatik’ or even widely translated to ‘those exactly who beat halved-coconut vacant shells although grooving having defeated percussion or even linen new music from the qualifications.

The group in that presentation danced ahead of refined new music via utilizing indigenous percussion and also line instruments, with all the dancers bare on top 1 / 2 of the bodies, lying on red cloth came from lighting product with the bottom level folded upwards near the dancers’ legs, and also grooving barefoot most in the course of.

What makes the dance much more useful to see can be able to hear the appear on the vacant coconut shells which have been cut-half and also tied along with nylon (or leather) bored in able of each layer. While striking throughout the dance, the shells creates some sort of lighting striking click-like sounds. Usually, halved-empty shells are put inside four areas within the dancer’s rear in addition to his / her front nearer of the throat as well as the second ribs.

Yet another four shells are put within the lower area of the dancer’s human body, normally having a pair of within the features of the hips and also a pair of within the front legs. Furthermore, each dancer has coconut shells that come with their palms.

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