Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City

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Mother Nature’s gift is surprisingly stunning, especially when you get to see them up close. In the Philippines, Iligan City is one of the cities in the world that are blessed with amazing natural gifts, especially waterfalls.

Located in Mindanao, Iligan City is situated in Region X, where there are 23 discovered waterfalls. One of the waterfalls there is so powerful that it generated 70% of electricity in Mindanao. It is considered as the city’s greatest heritage site.

Maria Cristina Falls is a waterfall on the Agus River. It is also known as the Twin Falls as the flow is separated by a huge rock right at the brink of the waterfall. It became the main landmark of the city and one of the landmarks in the Philippines.

After a 35 minute drive from the City Proper, the site of the said waterfalls is located in the boundaries of Barangay Ditucalan and Barangay Buru-un. With the entrance fee of Php35.00, not only you will get to see the Majestic Waterfalls, but you can also visit their nature park which has a mini-zoo and botanical garden.

The current of the waterfalls serves as the main source of power in the city and even in the whole Mindanao. Situated at the feet of Maria Cristina Falls is the hydroelectric plant which has a potential capacity of 200MW. It is operated by the National Power Corporation since 1953. If you are thinking of swimming in that falls, you might want to forget about it since swimming is strictly forbidden in the area.

Souvenir shops and snack bars are present in the area, where you can chill while watching the waves of the beautiful and majestic waterfalls. Despite the fees and few minute drives, the sight of Maria Cristina is surely worthy of it all.

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