Myth and literature in the Philippines

Posted in Culture & Tradition on December 6, 2013
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Philippine mythology is full of conventional oral folk literature of the Filipino citizens. Whereas every single cultural group has their own  myths to share, Hindu and Spanish manipulate can nonetheless be noticed in many cases. Philippine folklore mostly contains  stories about supernatural creatures, such as the Aswan, the manananggal, the diwata/engkanto, and nature. A few admired figures from Philippine myths are Maria Makiling, Lam-Ang, the Sarimanok and so on.

Philippine folklore clarifies that their ancient peoples believed in single extreme god and in a  of minor gods and goddesses.  From time to time the name of the holyspirit is not specified itself, he is simply referred to as the Supreme God sometime, great Being, or sometimes God most high.  Most of the often, their names were given,  and these name diversed with the different tribes:   Bathala for the Mangetchay, Tagalogs for the Pampangos,
Philippine literature includes works typically written in either Filipino or English.

In the 19th century a number of  the nearly all recognized were shaped. Francisco Balagtas the poet and playwright who wrote Florante at Laura is documented as a famous writer in the Filipino literature. José Rizal wrote the novel Noli Me Tángere (Touch Me Not) and El Filibusterismo and is considered a countrywide idol.

His representation of the discriminating rule of Spanish and had received his death by firing squad, motivated other Philippine revolutionaries to seek sovereignty. In amongst those legitimately familiar as National Artists of the Philippines in the text is NVM Gonzalez, Nick Joaquin,  Alejandro Roces

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