Pandanggo Sa Ilaw - Philippine Folk Dance

Posted in Culture & Tradition on December 27, 2013
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Pandanggo sa ilaw verifiably intimates the 'Fandango with the Light' in English lingo. In addition yes from the name itself, a move that incorporated the control of the lights. This move is from the Lubang Island, Mindoro. The statement "pandanggo" which infers "fandanggo" in the Spanish vernacular is truly move that is depicted by checking time with the use of click of castanets, the snapping of the fingers and the venturing of the feet in the triple-time rhythm. The person that performs this flexible move is consistently called as the 'pandanggera'. The "pandanggera" then moves holding three oil lights which are called as the 'tinghoy'.

The outfits that are used by the dance masters of this festival may change and a rate of the dresses are plain and some are striking too. The dresses may moreover offer herbal prints and essentially these dresses are completed in orange tints.

This intriguing move from the zone of Pangasinan is a splendid move that requires the sweethearts of the move floor to conform the oil lights on their head while doing their encompassing in their grip the lighted lights that are wrapped in the penetrable fabric or wrapped in the fishnets.

Moreover the music that runs as one with the sweethearts of the move floor is similar to the music that runs with the move masters of the 'pandanggo'. This acknowledged Philippine move is in a matter of seconds the point of convergence of an acclaimed festival in Oriental Mindoro. Moreover the move is in no time recognized as one of the traditions that the females perform in order to send off and to welcome the fishermen of the town.

The festival is an alternate festival that showcases the move the social order of the zone and this festival is consistently shared in by numerous performers and parts beginning from the various parts in the area.