Philippine Folk Dance the Itik-itik

Posted in Culture & Tradition on January 13, 2014
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itik-itik dance

Itik-Itik has been just about the Filipino folk dances who have an interesting basis. As outlined by stories, a new Filipina maiden-dancer with regards to Surigao Erase Norte has been incurred to achieve a new native arrive one particular special event. The lady initiated for you to improvise brand-new approaches in addition to mirror the exact courtship exercises of your respective community forums with regards to duck. The specific visitors do begin to mirror the lady that is definitely what sort of arrive has been.

The specific arrive will be shown to currently have descended from the exact arrive Sibay danced towards Dejado tunes. The specific Sibay can be a chicken arrive which came from nearby Visayan Destinations.

Itik-itik can be a mimetic folksier arrive from the Philippines. The thought was only available in the exact property with regards to Surigao on the inside Mindanao. Together with Itik-itik (from the exact Tagalog expression for "duck"), the exact arrive approaches mirror the exact exercises with regard to geese affecting hemp paddies in addition to swamplands, in particular wading, hurtling, in addition to short, choppy approaches.

Their approaches resemble the exact exercises of the respective duck (itik, on the inside Filipino), since this taking walks combined with short, choppy approaches in addition to splashes drinking water upon his or her yet again although receiving his or her significant other. It can be found in folk dances in numerous areas of the exact Philippines. It could be danced through the special event with regards to Buwan ng Wika. It is not the exact nationally folks arrive.

Today's sort of the exact Itik-itik will be coming from Carmen, Lanuza, Cantillan, in addition to Carrascal villages on the present-day Surigao Del Norte property of the Caraga Area.

Notwithstanding the actual standing on the Itik-itik Surigaonon, in addition there are added variants on the arrive found out mostly on the inside Visayas. One particular variant coming from Samar will be danced towards identical tunes.