How to pick low-calorie products

Posted in Food & Beverages on July 2, 2014
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For a low-calorie products, which must be supplemented daily diet includes various cereals, vegetables, fruits (excluding sweet bananas, peaches, pears and dried fruit). As for seasoning, in this case added to food salt and spices can be, but is better in a small amount.

Advantages of protein diet:
• You need not abandon the use of many of the foods;
• Lack of hunger, tormenting those using other methods of slimming food;
• Quickly gives a significant result;
• Allows you to clear more than 10 kg in 3 months;
It does not fit all. For example, vegetarians do not do. By the way, this category of people most of them do not need a diet, because her lifestyle, in particular selective attitude towards food, allowing them to always be in the form of a taut.

Disadvantages protein diet:
• Reduction in the amount of carbohydrate intake, dietary ketosis development opportunity;
• Often require additional intake of vitamins. Typically, the necessary amount of mineral micronutrient person gets out of the food, including fruits. Protein diet prohibits use many fruits, a long absence in the diet can cause beriberi;
• It is effective only in combination with physical exertion.

Many nutritionists and experts studying the impact of food on health, opposed to protein diet. After all, in itself a food animal food for us wrong. It has a significant burden on the various systems of the human body.

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