Plant vs Zombies Game Review

Posted in Online and Offline Games on January 31, 2014
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Defending against Zombies with plants to prevent them from eating your brains? Well now, you can either plant a sunflower or a plant that shoots? Waging war against the zombie-horde, you are the plant master! Let's take a look into this battle between Zombies and Plants now, shall we?

Plants Vs. Zombies was developed by PopCap Games, maker of the ground breaking game Bejeweled. PvZ, acronym of Plants Versus Zombies, was originally released for PC only then ported to Android and iOS with more features compared to the PC version.

Players defend their house from the rampaging hordes of zombies and rely on their tactics, plant placements, and decisions. Graphically the game is not 3D, but 2D. It does not require a lot of hardware performance as it can play with old graphic cards and processor. The whole game's presentation is well made and children friendly.

This game is similar to a tower defense game as you need to defend your base from waves of waves of zombie hordes and your mission is to survive those attacks. Sounds a bit boring, isn't it? Well, this is a game for everyone that can actually have fun. As stage progresses, new types of zombies appear and new plants in your basket to use. Don't forget Crazy Joe to crazily help you with tips in the game.

The game will base on how much the player can defend the waves of zombie hordes. PopCap decided to still stay with their line of giving out simple gameplay mechanics and level difficulties for everyone to have fun.

Pretty much the game is a whole lot of fun for casual gamers ranging from children to older people. Thumbs up to PopCap Games for another great game to be out. Have your PC, Android, and iOS devices to help defend the zombie attack! GO PLANT!

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