Presidential Candidacy Speech Became a Laughing Stock

Presidential Candidacy Speech Became a Laughing Stock

Presidential candidacy Speech

Last friday October 16, 2015 which the last day of filing for the COC or certificate of candidacy the Presidential candidacy speech became a laughing stock, it was rumored that there were so many candidates who file for their certificates of candidacy (COC) for the presidency. It was said that their were total of 130 candidates who filed for Presidency this coming 2016 election.

It became a laughing stock to the media coverage for those candidates who wants to become a president in the Philippines. One official government gives “air time” to those who file for their candidacy and that is the reason why there are lots of nuisance candidates who has guts to file for their candidacy.

I know that we all laugh and criticize all those nuisance candidates when we listened to their presidential candidacy speech for the future of our country but we all know that all of these are the same dreams, the same concerns as citizens of the democratic country the Philippines as providing solutions to hunger and poverty.

Most of the critics said that it was COMELEC’s fault for giving those nuisance candidates the opportunity to have their speech which is only intended for those legitimate candidates. This is the same platform where every candidates who run this coming Election 2016 will have their speech.

The majority of the critics said that the process is more of a humor than a speech and making more ridiculous. It is undeniable that it became a joke.

So hopefully all of the voters should think carefully and intellegently in deciding which president they should vote this coming 2016.

It’s No joke, no humor and not a game when choosing the next President. One must not rely on their emotions or rather vote them because they are their allies or because they are popular in the TV or Newspapers voters should make sure that the candidate is worthy to become the next President.

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