Primetime Dramas in the Philippines

Posted in Showbiz on October 29, 2014
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Our choices of TV Entertainment vary from one to another, depending on our specific tastes. We sometimes love to watch TV series with themes of romance, political, medical, investigative, or even SCI-FI. In the Philippines, however, romantic TV dramas are a big thing and it seems like it isn’t going to fade in a few more decades.

During Prime Time Dramas in the Philippines, after their 6 o’clock news ends at 8, a line-up of drama series is definitely what you will see. Major TV networks in the Philippines are filling the Primetime slots with dramas having skeptical and dramatic themes. This is one of their pastime, and their daily Primetime habit. It can now also be considered as one of their culture.

The trend started way back when dramas were aired on AM radios in 1949. It expanded into television in the early 1960’s with Hiwaga Sa Bahay Na Bato (Mystery In A House of Stone) aired in 1963, the country’s very first television drama in one of the major Philippine networks, ABS-CBN. Several dramas soon followed, including Mara Clara aired in 1992, the longest television drama in the country which aired for 5 years, with new episodes five times a week.

Primetime Dramas launched many careers of Philippine actors and actresses. However, in 1995, the trend was on the rocks when RPN, a government owned television channel, launched Marimar, the first foreign drama dubbed in Tagalog, starring Mexican superstar, Thalia. It was well received by the Filipino audiences, which started the Telenovela trend in TV at that time, raking more than 50% of TV ratings.. For Filipinos, the Spanish TV dramas take on a new perspective in story telling with heavier dramatic scenes, and exaggerated lines. Other TV Networks followed the trend of adapting foreign tv dramas, dubbed in Tagalog, like Rubi, Pasion De Amor, Luz Clarita and among others.

Despite the huge impact of Mexican tv dramas in the country, Filipino-made dramas were still a hit. Mula Sa Puso (From The Heart) and Esperanza, both aired in ABS-CBN, proved that a Filipino production can still be as fierce as the Mexicans.

The Tagalog- dubbed TV dramas are still a thing in Philippine TV, however, the Era of Mexican Telenovelas ended and replaced by Asian TV series, like Meteor Garden, Endless Love, and among others. Nowadays, the span of Philippine TV dramas only lasts for about 6 months or less to give the audiences stories that are somehow new and fresh.

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