The Seven Churches Visitation

Posted in Culture & Tradition on June 20, 2014
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The Seven Churches Visitation also known asVisita Iglesia is popular in the Philippines during Lenten season specifically every Maundy Thursdays. It’s a practice where groups of people try to visit at least seven different churches in the country. They make sure that they pay homage to the patrons of each of these churches that they visit. It is like a form of respect to these saints and to the holy week. This show how religious the Filipinos are.

If you’re up to a different Lenten experience then you might want to try Visita Iglesia in the Philippines. You’ll definitely have a memorable experience doing it. The quaint architectural designs of each church and the passionately-made statues of the saint send lots of stories that will leave you in awe. There are actually a hundred of churches that you can pay a visit but the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines listed the top 7 that you should visit. These are the San Agustin Church found in the walls of Intramuros, Manila; the Abbey Church of Our Lady of Montserrat in Mendiola.

The famous Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene located in Quiapo, Manila; another church located in Quiapo, the Basilica Minore de San Sebastian; the Our Lady of Remedies Parish Church located in Malate, Manila; the Archdiocesan Shrine of Nuestra Senora de Guia in Ermita, Manila; and last but not the least the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes situated in Santa Mesa heights. These churches are definitely worth the visit.

If you’re into great historical structures and holy structures then this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Have a different look on the beauty of Christianity through Visita Iglesia. Even if it’s not the Lenten season anymore, these churches are still worth the visit and time. Surely, it is a blast from the past.

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