SM Mall of Asia stores and Shopping malls

Posted in Travel & Recreation on July 20, 2015
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SM Mall of Asia Stores
- Filipinos are fond of shopping malls, partly because they have many different selections of retail items housed in one roof, and partly because of the air conditioning. This has led some land developers to develop huge malls, and they just keep getting bigger.

SM Mall of Asia Directory – This is largest shopping Mall in Pasay City and in the entire Philippines. It is the central building in the SM Group’s business park in Bay City, Pasay. Besides all the retail and department stores that it has, the Mall of Asia offers different activities in a wide range of variety.

SM Mall of Asia Pictures - The mall is not like most SM malls in the country; it boasts of an open space in the middle of the mall, lined with several restaurants and coffee shops. This arrangement offers diners a relaxed, laid-back dining experience that is somehow close to nature. The bayside of the shopping mall are viewing decks that allow scenic views of Manila Bay, as well as a glimpse of nearby Manila. The Independence Flagpole, being the tallest flagpole in the country, is clearly visible from the Mall of Asia.

Worth mentioning is the SM International Ice Skating Rink, open to all people who want to try their hander, feet on the ice. Admission is at 390 pesos, unlimited, with additional 40 pesos for renting a locker. It is valid for one day, as long as the tag does not get damaged or broken.

The mall, however, is not the only attraction. Several amusement areas at the back, called “SM by the Bay”, provide open grounds and entertainment for visitors. Among others, there is a kart racing track, trolley trails, rides, and even a zip line. There are also outdoor dining areas, from small, street food-type stalls, to huge buffets.

SM Mall of Asia Restaurants, In this area also stands the MOA Eye, a huge Ferris wheel for sightseeing. It rotates very slowly, as it is designed for sightseeing, so there will be no problems like that of in Ferris wheels seen in fiesta carnivals. Entrance is 150 pesos for a complete round.

Also nearby is the Nido Science Discovery Center, a state-of-the-art science museum. It also has a planetarium.

The mall is a place that satiates almost every Filipino’s wants and needs in a mall. Add it to the grandiosity, and you get a mall where “no other mall gets close”.

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