Taal Volcano - volcano lake

Posted in Travel & Recreation on June 15, 2014
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Have you ever heard of a volcano with a lake in the middle? Well, it’s definitely only in the Philippines. The Taal Volcano is a one of its kind. Instead of hot moulting lava that is spouting in the center, a cool blue lake has taken over. It is also being considered as one of the World Heritage Sites. Aside from that it was also known to be the smalles volcano in the world.

Taal Volcano can be found in Batangas. You need to travel by boat to get to the volcano itself. Once there, you will be guided by the locals that are living there to a hike to the rim of the volcano. You can also go down near the crater to have a close experience with the volcanic activities happening in the lake. If you happen to notice a hole or a somewhat land formation that has a hole and water in it, that it is what they call the Vulcan Point or the main crater of the volcano. It’s like a volcano within a volcano. The whole view of the lake is very breathtaking and the whole trekking and hiking that you’ve done will be paid off by it.

To help you with such trekking, you can avail different trip packages that are offered by the agencies in there. They are not that costly and it’s good to have one. The thing is having a private guide to the volcano will be more convenient in your part rather than having none.

That’s not it for your whole Taal Volcano journey. Once you’re done sightseeing, you can return to the mainland afterwards and enjoy some water action through the water complex located in the area’s Yacht Club. It will surely be a wet and wild day for you as you venture yourself to a whole new experience and action. And did I mention that it is featured in Katy Perry’s music video of Roar? Cool isn’t it?