The Future of Brain Computer Interface

Posted in Health and Fitness on September 17, 2015
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There has been great advancement in the medical technologies which have medical research and treatments. The use of modern technology in the field of medicine is an enormous revolution that has led to maximum life sustenance through faster operational mobility’s .There are very many technological equipment’s that are used in the analysis of different parts of the body .Some of these equipment’s are made in such a way that, they can detect and compute all the related data and come up with a conclusive evaluation of the human body functioning.

One such instrument which is technologically advanced is the Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI).This technology originated out of the desire to help the patients with paraplegics and Quadriplegics be able to control the computer cursors with their brain. This is a recent technology that has been seen to be more complicated but which has taken the medical field to the next level. Being disabled will no longer be a big matter due to the liberation brought about by this fantastic medical technology.

The greatest extend to the Brain Computer extend is that it can control the robotic limbs or even restore function to paralyzed limbs .The technology is advancing day by day with the need to come up with a wireless Brain Computer Interface .Commercial companies are pumping a lot of resource to ensure that there are efficient wireless BCI headsets which can be worn and may function to monitor the brainwave activity and changes .Through this instrument, the patients can train their brains to concentrate.

Lastly this technology will go a long way to ensure that through the wearable technology it will be easy for treatment of Alzheimer’s and other associated effects which include pain management .This technology may be just a gateway to greater medical innovations that are geared towards improving the medical arena.

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