The Kuratsa Dance in Philippine Folk Culture

Posted in Culture & Tradition on January 15, 2014
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Kuratsa is a Philippine standard Dance of Courtship the location where the guy techniques and surfaces a woman with a sort of the dancing.

The Kuratsa is actually remarkably popular with this Visayan man and women specially this Waray man and women of the Western Visayas region in the Philippines and illustrates every critical special occasion inside Western Visayas residential areas.

The Kuratsa maybe the dancing of courtship from the Visayas region of the Philippines. At marriage ceremony and fiestas, this Kuratsa serves for the reason that standard income dancing whereby visitors carry turns pinning income on the woman and groom's clothes. That stands for friends' and families' wants once and for all chance and affluence inside couple's future.

The dancing is completed with several pieces, using several distinct tempos. The dance several begin this efficiency having a ballroom waltz. The actions resemble the mild waltz style. Kuratsa is normally done during festivals with Bohol as well as other Visayan areas, this dancing symbolizes a fun couple’s make an effort to get each and every other’s awareness.

Then the songs adjustments to your faster defeat with the "chasing" picture, that the woman dancer flees and also the guy pursues the woman's all across this dancing floorboards. The pace accumulates even more with the final aspect, that they run after coming to an end having a flabbergasted flirtatious picture. The female features received above, and also the guy imitates the showy chook in a very mating dancing.

Firmly talking, only one several dancing it at the same time. Thought to be the Philippine importance (supposedly through La Cucaracha dancing usual of the Monterrey region of Mexico) - this Kuratsa is actually even so, differences in the way of setup compared to a Philippine opposite number. Even this "basic" Kuratsa songs just isn't depending on Philippine as well as The Spanish language tunes.

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