Things to do in Subic Bay Attraction

Posted in Travel & Recreation on July 27, 2015
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Subic Bay
is located 100 kilometers from Manila. It is a natural harbor, although it is less busy as a port than the larger Manila Bay nearby. Near the city of Olongapo and the town of Subic, It was once a naval station for the US Navy until the early 90’s. Nowadays, it is known as the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, a tax-free and duty-free zone encouraging foreigners to invest in the country. More than that, however, Subic Bay has a lot to offer to the average traveler.

Subic Bay is known for its beaches, which is considered a convenience when coming from Manila (due to its relative proximity). One of the famous beaches is Camayan Beach. Another one is Grande Island Beach, just across the bay and accessed with a ferry. The area is teeming with both resorts and wild, undeveloped beachfronts.subi-bay-resort
Another attraction in the area is Subic’s Ocean Adventure Park, a famous marine park for families and schools alike. It is not uncommon to see schoolchildren going here on field trips. It has huge displays and exhibits on marine life, including sea lions, dolphins, and whales. The sea lion show is one of the most awaited shows in the park. Also, it has a merchandise store for selling souvenirs.

Another park is Zoobic Safari. It is a zoo that offers a first-hand safari experience. For an entrance fee of 495 pesos (395 pesos for kids), people can enjoy various interactions with the animals. They can, for example, buy some dressed chicken, ride a jeep, and watch tigers come near you as they take the food you’re holding. Or you could also suspend a piece of bait to crocodiles below. There are also exhibits of Aeta culture inside. There are also chances to take a zipline and other extreme activities.

One thing to notice about Subic Bay is that its environment is carefully preserved. It is not uncommon for tourists to see monkeys crossing the road and frequenting populated areas and begging for food. Lush, green woods are also commonplace.

Getting to Subic is easiest via North Luzon Expressway and the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. Lodging is commonly found in and around the Freeport, although Olongapo City nearby is a much more practical choice for staying the night. The city is served by Subic Bay International Airport.

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