Traditional dress and clothing for Filipinos

Posted in Culture & Tradition on October 24, 2013
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Most  Filipinos wear the kind of clothing that wear that people wear in North America/Europe. They often dress in their traditional dress fiesta. Although some people in country side wear traditional dresses .These types dressing is usually made up of fiber as they can become cool in the unbearable heat. Straw hat is also to make them cool under the sun.This is also called salakot
One of the main traditional dress is barong ,which is a long loose fitting shirt.Man often wear this type of shirt in office or home.Many people consider barong is their national dress.They saved their long sleeved barong with cuff for their formal ceremony such as in a marriage ceremony.Many barong are decorated with their embroidery, which is an ancient tradition of Philippine, that involves  stitching fine and often brightly thread into pattern on cloth.Not everyone can afford this because this is very much expensive,it usually made from  fine silk cloth called jusi.
The official national costume of Filipino women is the bar at sea (= baro't saya) which is the top blouse and skirt.Some of them wear kemona and terno. Muslim women wear skirt called patadyung and malong.

Most of the dress is made up of pina.  Pina is a beautiful, sheer, brownish fabric  that Filipino made by their hand by leaf fibers of wild pineapple they only select the best pineapple. After gently scraping the surface of the leaf to get fine fiber, they carefully tie the fibers together to form a single, continuous thread. They spin them first, then weave them into cloth or loom.

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