The Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao

Posted in Travel & Recreation on March 7, 2014
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In the mountains associated with southern Negros Tropical isle, 12 kilometers west from the town associated with Sibulan, Negros Asian peacefully rest the engaging Lake Balinsasayao as well as twin lake, equally wonderful Lake Danao. Among the major sightseeing attractions in the province, Lake Balinsasayao is often a protected Natural Park, home to an expansive environment and excellent biodiversity.

The ponds are a pair of small, nevertheless deep crater freshwater ponds rising 1000 toes above seashore level as well as separated by the narrow mountain ridge, tucked within a worthless between 4 mountains, south, Mount Mahungot, Mount Kalbasan north, Mount Balinsasayao east as well as Mount Guidabon west. Lake Balinsasayao lies northwest from the ridge as well as Lake Danao southeast.

The twin Lakes associated with Balinsasayao can be the habitat of the many birds as well as animals, some of which are also rare. Actions include swimming, fishing, marining, trekking as well as kayaking. We have a clean restroom and a small canteen promoting beverage as well as light appetizers

The location is surrounded by abundant tropical veggies and facilities. Age old trees, giant ferns and also other exotic facilities and orchids usually are among its natural residents. Wild unusual vines freely cling to the barks of the trees. The Almagica Woods, the tallest tree from the Philippines growing nearly 60 meters tall, can still be found right here. It can be the habitat of the many rare species much like the Japanese Evening Heron whoever presence in the vicinity ended up being recorded in the 1970s. The dipterocarp do is containing more bird life.

The lake is teeming using fish which makes it an excellent fishing terrain. The relaxed waters also allow it to become perfect for swimming, boating as well as kayaking or just sitting under on the list of small huts draw in the view and the fresh mountain air. Most people bring their own packed meals for the lunch, refreshments in on the list of cottages which can be rented. We have a canteen promoting drinks, water in bottles and mild snacks. A small restroom can be available.