University of the Philippines Diliman - Country’s Premiere University

Posted in Travel & Recreation on July 22, 2015
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The University of the Philippines Diliman is considered the flagship of the country’s premiere university. Given that, the place is always filled with busy students and professors, which may make it sound intimidating to go there to have fun. However, that is where one is mistaken.

The university, besides a prestigious center of higher learning, is also an oasis of green nestled at the heart of Quezon City’s dense cityscape. People near the campus go here to relax, exercise, and have fun. Others just simply stroll around or take a leisurely walk, and it is absolutely allowable in a campus whose culture is freedom and openness.

One of the many relaxing places in the university is the Sunken Garden, the university’s parade grounds and open field. Sitting around the field with street food bought nearby is a way to spend the afternoon in UP Diliman. Near the Sunken Garden is the Lagoon, which is almost completely surrounded by trees, drowning the sounds of the city and making it a good place to meditate. The amphitheater behind Quezon Hall also serves as a park and resting place for many. The university’s symbol, the Oblation stands just nearby. In fact, every grassy area in campus is free for everyone to use. Another open space is the plaza around UP Diliman’s Andres Bonifacio Carillon Tower.

Besides relaxation, UP Diliman is also known for its active lifestyle. Many people could be seen jogging around or cycling at the Academic Oval, the main academic core of the university. Joggers usually proliferate in the morning, but late afternoon and night jogging is also common.

One thing that could never be missed in campus culture is food. Isaw, or chicken intestines, are considered as the campus’s iconic snack. Mang Larry’s Isawan is famous for providing such. It is renowned around the campus as a popular afternoon snack, planning to get a snack here must be well planned, for the queues here are very long.

Diliman has a lot to offer the country with its expertise in the academe and research. However, it should also be noted for being open and welcoming to everyone.

UP Diliman is served by 4 jeepney routes from Philcoa, SM North EDSA, Quezon Avenue, and Katipunan. Moreover, there are two jeepney routes that doesn’t leave campus: the ikot and the toki.

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