Vigan Philippines World Heritage

Posted in Culture & Tradition, Travel & Recreation on May 10, 2014
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The city of Vigan in the province of Ilocos Sur in the Philippines is recognized to be one of the World Heritage Sites. This is one of the most famous tourists’ attractions in the country. What makes it really special is the feel and environment that it provides to each person that sets foot on it. It will be like you’ve entered a time space warp which brings you back to the Hispanic era in the Philippines.

The city of Vigan is well known for its well preserved old-fashioned houses. Each of which have a warm architectural design that will definitely make you feel that you’ve time traveled back to that era. It’s a perfect combination of the Filipino, Oriental, and European concepts which adds up to its remarkable elegance and structure.

It’s the only remaining buildings that are still intact even after the war against the Japanese people. The houses may not be liveable but there are a lot of rest houses available in the area. Staying in one of these houses will surely add up to that “blast-from-the-past” feel. Aside from these historical houses, the streets are also an eye-teaser due to the cobblestones that are used to make it. To preserve these exotic streets, vehicles are not allowed inside and the only transportation that you can take is the kalesa or the horse-drawn carriage. Isn’t that exciting?

There are different stores and souvenir shops that you can go to here. You can also try Vigan’s famous empanada. Empanada is a kind of bread wherein it is stuffed with different luscious ingredients like egg, vegetables and Ilocos’ popular longganisang Ilocano (Ilocos style Spanish sausage).

There are a lot of things to discover in this ancient city. The people, food, and stories from the ancient architectures are what define these exotic grounds. It’s a great way to spend your free time and at the same time enjoy most of it.

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